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After Purchase


1. Transfer the property to your company name.

2. Transfer the property to your spouse and lease the land from him/her.

3. Transfer the land & house to your spouse and lease the land and house from him/her.

4. Transfer the land to your spouse and lease the land from him/her and transfer the house to your name.

5. Transfer the house to your own name and lease the land from the project.

Once you've chosen one of these processes, go to land department and complete the process for transfer of ownership; the next step will be:

1. If you set up a company you need to display your company sign at your house.

2. Make sure if you do lease you have registered the lease at the land department for 30 years. Make sure you have a separate contract to ensure after the 30 years the lessor has to transfer the house to the lessee.

3. Make sure you have paid the correct taxes for your company before May of each year, approximate cost of 20,000 baht.

4. Pay tax for the land and house before April every year at the Municipality, the tax fee depends on location, size of the land, size of the house and period of build. The cost starts from 100-20,000 baht for a private house.

5. Make sure you have a house building permit, or the contract from the land department that said the seller sold this land and house together, or in case of leasing the land and you wish to own the house, then the seller is required to transfer the ownership to your name.

There are 2 ways to do this:

5.1 Transfer the building (House) permit to be your name at the local Municipality.

5.2 Transfer the owner of the house at the land department (a wait of 30 days for the process to complete).

6. Ensure you receive the blue book, house registration (yellow book, if you wish to add your name to prove your resident address).