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House Registration Book


Proof of ownership should not be confused with the House Registration document (Tambian Baan) or blue book (Thor.Ror.14) or yellow book for foreigners (Thor.Ror.13, which is only a register of the house and its occupants). The house registration book, Tambian Baan, is an official document identifying the house. It gives the full address of the house at the book's first page. It is not necessary to have the name of the owner in the house book.

House Registration (Tambian Baan)

There are two types with the information as above, blue for Thai citizens and yellow for foreigners.
If you wish to register the yellow book you need to prepare the following documents:

- You are required to go to your Embassy in Thailand to obtain a certified letter illustrating your profile (name, place of birth, date of birth, marital status, criminal record from home country, salary level etc.) and also a certified copy of your passport.
- After you have obtained these you must translate them into Thai language.
- Then take the certified documents and their translation to the Consulate Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- After all this process has been done, you can then take these documents plus signed copies to the Amphur. Plus bringing along the original house registration and the ID card, plus signed copies, of the house owner. The house owner must go with you as well. It should be noted that bringing the village Headsman (Phoo Yai Baan) and perhaps a second witness can be helpful.
- If you are officially married this would make the application simpler in terms of a personal relationship and the officer would foresee that the reason your wife is taking your name into her house is because you are her spouse. If you are not married they might interpret a different scenario.
- Bring the land title, signed copy of both sides, preferably annotated with a usufruct in your name.

However, in my opinion, the Yellow House book does not prove ownership of a home. It does serve as proof of where you reside. I think it has a similar use to that of a Thai Citizen being in a "Blue House Book". It does not mean they own the house, they just legally reside in that location.

If you as a Foreigner have your name in a Yellow House Book it enables you to register ownership of an automobile, motorcycle or truck with this document as "proof of residence".

When opening some Bank Accounts in Thailand having copies of this book will make things go smoother and in one trip to the Bank, not several visits.

It is also a prerequisite for becoming a LEGAL RESIDENT.