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Star Property Services


If you plan to acquire property in Thailand let our licensed Thai lawyers assist you.
The range of our service is from performing a title search, reviewing the contract to registration of ownership.

1) Title Search

- Conducting a search on the title and relevant documents of the land;

- Ascertaining that the title document is in order;

- Ensuring the seller is the current owner of the land;

- Confirm the lack of mortgage on the property and the lack of further encumbrances, if any, on the land;

- Check actions against the seller in both local courts and the Center Bankruptcy Court;

- Verifying whether there is any restriction on the development of the land.

2) Prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement

- Verifying the sale agreement;

- Providing comments on clauses of the sale agreement;

- Negotiate modifications as needed to protect your interest.

3) Registration of Transfer Ownership

- Preparing the applications and supporting documents required for the registration of the transfer of ownership of the property for you as a foreigner buyer;

- Registering on your behalf at the Land Department;

- Draft, review and registration of the 'Objectives and Articles of Association';

- Obtain the Company Registration Certificate and Affidavit;

- Apply for Taxpayer Identification Number;

- Transfer the company registration documents, such as the Certificate of Incorporation and the Articles of Association, into English.

4) Obtaining a Loan from Bangkok Bank in Singapore

- Preparing the application and supporting documents required to obtain a loan from Bangkok Bank (Singapore Branch);

- Verifying the loan agreement.